30 Minutes to Train? Get After It!

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

Recently, someone asked me, what can I do if I only have 30 minutes to train?  I hadn't considered a 30-minute time constraint, but what a great challenge and question. After giving it some thought here's what I came up with! Read More

Supplements: How can they help?

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

Supplementation is a hot topic in today's health and fitness conversations.  Everyone is looking for an edge to lose that last 5 lbs. or lift just a little bit more weight.  You might recall that Supplements are at the top of the Nutrition pyramid, preceded by Nutrient Timing, Micro-nutrients, Macronutrients, and Calories (the base of the pyramid).   So, just how much do supplements contribute to nutrition and sports performance? Read More