Slow Down. Enjoy Eating!

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

During the holidays, who can be expected to say, "No" to your favorite dish? You don't have to!  Have your favorite foods without derailing your training or weight loss progress. It starts with shifting your mindset. Read More

What is the "Secret" to Strength?

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

Everyone wants to know the "one secret exercise" or "shortcut" to getting strong. Is it an exercise, sets, reps, a program? The answer, Yes and No. Maybe the more revealing question is, What do Strong People Do? Read More

5 Minutes to Improve Recovery

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

Beyond sleep and nutrition, focused, daily movement is key to improving recovery. Moving through a joint's full range of motion will keep it healthy and stimulate blood flow to surrounding muscle groups. Read More

Message from the Owner

Joey Wolfe | joeywolfe@paradigmsport.com

Last month we launched our new website. For years I knew it was something I had to do, but I put it off because it was such a daunting task. It finally got to the point that I had to take action, so I did. Read More

Nutrient Timing – How Important Is It?

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

Each level of the nutrition pyramid plays a role, but none is more important than the base. Energy Balance (Calories in and Calories Out) is and always will be the most important piece of the puzzle.  There are a few scenarios when nutrient timing can boost your performance. Read More

How Much Can You Bench?

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

This is usually one of the first questions I am asked when someone learns that I am a Personal Trainer. I guess they need to find out whether they can take me seriously or not. Right or wrong, the bench press has long been a performance standard for gaining respect in the gym. Read More

Micronutrients for Athletes

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

In the last two articles we discussed the basics of energy balance, caloric intake, and ideal macronutrient ratios for different goals. If you haven’t read them already you can check them out. Read More

The Deadlift — 3 Ways to Build More Strength

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

It’s no secret that the deadlift is my favorite exercise. It is one of the few movements that work the body head to toe. It not only strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back, but also taxes the upper body to a great extent. Read More

Demystifying Macronutrients — Energy Sources That Fuel Your Body

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

In the previous nutrition blog we dove deep into the world of calories, the base of the nutritional pyramid, and why they ultimately dictate whether or not we move towards our goals. If calories aren’t in check then it won’t matter what cutting edge nutrition tips you’re applying or what supplements you take.. Read More

The Pull Up

Tanner Batten | tanner@paradigmsport.com

With the New Year rolling around, people begin to look inward and ask themselves what they want to accomplish over the next 365 days. Some of these goals are work related, some are family related, and others are training related. Read More

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