Fitness Fundamentals


Leading a healthy lifestyle can be challenging and confusing. We are here to help. That’s why we created our Fitness Fundamentals class. This class is designed for those who are new to a gym setting and would like to learn the basics of exercise before being thrown into a group class environment.


In this 60-minute class beginners will learn the importance of exercise, how to structure workouts, resistance training and cardiovascular exercise. You’ll also learn more about all of the programs Paradigm Sport has to offer.


We want our clients to feel as comfortable as they can. We understand that most people know that they need to exercise, they just don't know how. This can be very intimidating! Come let us help you, and have fun learning about our passion! Class is held several times per week, so feel free to come to this class as much as you

would like.


The emphasis of the Fitness Fundamentals class is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements:


icon_blue_arrow_right   Knee Dominant

icon_blue_arrow_right   Hip Dominant

icon_blue_arrow_right   Pressing

icon_blue_arrow_right   Pulling

icon_blue_arrow_right   Core Stability

icon_blue_arrow_right   Rotational Power


It is designed to prepare our clients to enter our ongoing group classes. We focus on technique both to ensure our clients safety and prepare them for success at the next level. We introduce them to technique and mechanics first, then intensity. We expose them to movements that are relatively non-technical and progress the movements accordingly. We offer each athlete 12 sessions throughout the month to ensure complete comprehension and comfort for the movements before progressing them to our group classes.