On-field Personal Baseball Instruction at Paradigm Sport in Santa Cruz, CA
If you’re a serious player, Paradigm Sport personal baseball instruction is the best thing you can do to improve your game — period. Whether you prefer one-on-one sessions or working with a buddy or small group of friends, training under the watchful eye of your very own coach will take you from promising to good, and from good to great.

Hitting. Pitching. Catching. Fielding. Focus on one or pick two or more to work on. This is YOUR time, to develop the skills YOU want to excel in. You’ll get the dedicated attention, the expert feedback and correction, and all the reps you need to perform on the field. And you’ll get coached up on situational strategy, deepen your love of the game, and learn how to think and carry yourself like a ballplayers.
triangle3  Individual lessons: $85/hour
triangle3  Buddy lessons with a partner: $50/hour per player
triangle3  Group lessons: 3 to 5 students: $40/hour per player