Life is Sport. Train Like it Matters.™

Paradigm Sport is a training center where you come to train to become the best athletic version of yourself, with friends, family and other athletes just like you. It matters both, that you choose to train, and that we care about “how” you train, to meet your specific goals, improve functional movement, strengthen and condition your body, reduce injury, and have some fun in the process.  

Our 30-Day Introductory Training Offer


Everyone who is considering becoming a member may try training here with our 30 Days for $99 introductory membership. You will meet our staff, meet other members, and give us an opportunity to earn your business. We have ‘top-shelf’ training programs and performance coaches. You can decide if Paradigm Sport is a good fit for you, after you’ve given us a try.

At the end of the experience, if we are not the right fit for you, simply walk away with no further obligation. For those who have not already decided to make a commitment, this experience is the best way to get started. We welcome you to give it a try and find the athlete in yourself. 

TEAM Training Membership

Unlimited access to TEAM Training sessions led by expert performance coaches. Each training session is designed to improve your functional movement, build strength and increase endurance; challenging you to reach your personal best.