Total preparation for top performance


Mastering the skills of your chosen sport can take you only halfway to achieving your full athletic potential. Putting out your very best performance also requires focused, sport-specific physical training that only an expert can provide.


Paradigm Sport helps athletes of any kind — from professional surfers to Little Leaguers and weekend warriors — reach their competitive or performance goals.


We specialize in individualized training based on your unique ambitions and the specific demands of your sport or lifestyle. By focusing on movement and fitness to support the physical demands you face in competition, you’ll also recover faster, feel better, and bring a new level of well-being and poise to everyday life.


Natural competitive advantage


Paradigm Sport’s intensive, individualized training programs give our athletes a natural competitive advantage. We use the latest science-based methods to improve performance safely and effectively. We’ll design your program to build strength, power, flexibility, balance, and endurance — while also identifying and addressing areas of weakness and instability to help decrease the potential for injury. A key part of our program includes nutrition consultations to dial in pre- and post-training supplements and meal strategies, to maximize your gains and help you reach your body composition goals.


We’ll create a training environment, approach, and mindset that safely take you beyond what you might achieve on your own. Your body will respond quickly, yet your gains will be sustainable. You’ll move faster, feel better, be more flexible, and bring the best possible conditioning to your sport and your life.