Results Speak For Themselves





"I have been working with Joey for almost a year now, and I feel stronger and more flexible than ever, which is a perfect combination for surfing."


Nat Young, professional surfer




"I feel I'm in the best shope of my life from training with Joey. His passion to make me better motivates me to excel in training and in baseball."


Kevin Eichhorn, Detroit Tigers




"Under Joey's direction I have lost over 20 lb and gained a world of energy. I have more stamina, more flexibility, and I feel much stronger. Joey will make sure you reach your goals. You can really tell that he takes a genuine interest in all of his clients. Hoey is there every step of the way, keeping you accountable, and that in my opinion, has been the key to my success. I highly recommend Joey Wolfe to anyone that is serious about making real changes in their life."


Dan Wakefield, Owner, West Valley Martial Arts




"By working with Joey I have learned to control my body more effeciently and effectively. I have seen immediate results on the field and in the weight room. I am looking forward to training with him for many more years."


Robbie Erlin, San Diego Padres




"After a long tour Joey makes it easy to get back in the gym. He is motivating and positive which helps me get the most out of every workout."


Geoff Weers, The Expendables



"Joey brings out the athlete in me. Through his knowledge of the body, positive feedback, discipline, encouragement, and personal interest in my goals, I have been able to achieve the weight loss and a healthier me. Joey embodies change and growth. He has retrained my body and my attitude, and empowered me to achieve overall success with my body and my life."


Laura Sheppard, Linkedin




"Joey does a great job of mixing up the training and targeting specific areas for improvement. The exercises were creative and I felt noticable and continuous improvement. Joey makes the workouts fun while still pushing me to the max. My running distance doubled, I feel better, and I got a "wow" reaction from my family."


Pishoy Maksy, Google




"Joey Wolfe's experience, knowledge and passion for baseball are second to none. It's not everyday that Santa Cruz produces a player with Joey's expertise that is so willing and eager to share it. Joey has played the game at a very high level, yet has the rare ability to translate his knowledge into something that young players can comprehend."


Mark Eichhorn, Major League Pitcher, 1982-1996




"I had the pleasure of being a part of Paradigm Sport's Summer Baseball Camp, and was impressed by Joey's passion and determination to make a difference with each player. It's obvious to me that Joey has tremendous knowledge and insight into this great game of baseball, and he's inspired to make a difference in the community from which he grew up. If you're a baseball player, be prepared to be impacted by this camp."


Alan Jaeger, Jaeger Sports