Put the “personal” back in personal training


Any training program can point the way to reaching your fitness, performance, or weight loss goals. An effective one also provides the customized exercises and guidance you need to achieve and sustain meaningful results. But to be really outstanding ­— offering fitness, performance, and lifestyle benefits that last a lifetime — a program must be based on a real understanding of you as a person and an athlete.


Paradigm Sport strives to create a truly personalized fitness and training experience. Starting with an in-depth evaluation, we get to know each client’s unique needs, capabilities, motivations, and potential; craft a program to maximize success; and fine-tune it as we see results. Perhaps most importantly, we build a respectful understanding of each individual. This allows us to help you develop the skills, attitudes, and commitment to enjoy lifelong fitness and health.


Body and mind


Training with Paradigm Sport is a physical, psychological, and emotional experience. The physical side begins with assessments — including the Functional Movement Screen™, sub-max VO2 cardiovascular test, and power testing. We then customize a program to address your unique fitness profile and your goals. We focus particularly on movement patterns to ensure that all exercises support your specific physical needs, while decreasing your potential for injury.


The other side of each training program is about understanding and awareness. Education in proper movement, exercise, and recovery techniques lets you make the most of your workout efforts. Consultation with our partner nutrition specialists supports your training with supplementation and meal strategies designed to maximize your gains and help you reach your body composition goals. Finally, developing a performance-oriented mindset — one of dedication, focus, and efficiency — prepares you to reach your true athletic potential.


Personal fitness training rates


Enhanced Training Program – One-on-One

Monthly Rate

3x Private Training Sessions / week


2x Private Training Sessions / week


1x Private Training Sessions / week


Enhanced Training Programs – Buddy Training

Monthly Rate

3x Private Training Sessions / week

$500 ea.

2x Private Training Sessions / week

$360 ea.

1x Private Training Sessions / week

$200 ea.


All training sessions are 1 hour.


A La Carte Option: Personal Training – Pay by the Session


60-minute Private


60-minute Buddy

$55 ea.




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